Monday, 27 April 2015

Kiss Cosmetics | Lip Vinyl

Naked Pink Lip Vinyl*

KISS Cosmetics are a brand new company that have strived to create a niche lip collection and really nail down on what is essentially a perfect product. 

They've already released their first creation, a range of KISSticks in some pretty amazing colours, be sure to check out Birthday Suit for a perfect nude or Seductive Damson for a bold purple lip. They have a second product due to launch in two days time but keep an eye out on the 6th May for their third release, Lip Vinyls. 

I've been fortunate enough to get my hands on the shade 'Naked Pink' before the official launch on May 6th and I have to say as a self confessed matte hoarder I'm actually a huge fan of the non-sticky gloss finish I get from KISS's lip vinyl. The product tube comes with the typical gloss application wand perfect for coating your lips, I was surprised with the instant rush of colour you get from the lip vinyl, it quickly covers your lip and creates a neat outline around your lips that doesn't require much cleaning up with concealer. 

'Naked Pink' is a pretty hue that is super complimentary to any tone and I think it's safe to say I've been converted to the pink side for Spring/Summer now. I'm can't wait for their release, the range will be available in the same shades at their new lipstick collection, definitely got my eye on some of the darker shades!

Ps. Don't forget to check out their KISSticks at

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