Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Me Me Me | Eva Lipstick

Me Me Me  |  China Rose Lipstick*

I feel a little naked without anything on my lips and seeing as statement lips can be a little overpowering on a day-to-day basis I've been stocking up on some more natural hues. 'China Rose' from Me Me Me's lip cream collection is a gorgeous dusty pink perfect for Spring. I love the attention to detail on all of Me Me Me's products, their boxes are always super detailed and I personally think that they ooze some kind of burlesque feeling using some dark ornate but subtle patterns. The bullet itself is super simple and chic. 

So the lipstick/lip cream itself is incredibly smooth, its glides on without the need for any lip balm or moisture to the lips before hand. I love opaque lipsticks and this one is a little sheer for my liking but it is build able thankfully so you can have the colour as intense as you desire. After a few hours wear my lips aren't at all dry but I do have to apply another layer to top up the colour. 

The one bonus about neutral shades is that once it begins to fade into your natural lip tone it isn't incredibly noticeable and you can get away with it for much longer than a bold red or purple.

I was super surprised at the quality of this lip product for its price tag and definitely going to have to try out a few of their darker shades in the future. 
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