Monday, 25 May 2015

LookFantastic | May Beauty Box

Another month, another Beauty Box* from Look Fantastic and this one's definitely not like the usual cosmetic based boxes but much rather bursting with goodies to help and assist beautifying yourself.

Balance Me | Revitalising Hand & Body Wash
A super fresh smelling wash that foams up in the shower, it's a zingy smell which I always find wakes me right up in the morning whilst leaving you with moisturising and nourished feeling skin.

Bamboo Shine | Brilliance Cream
I love a good product packed with eco ingredients, I was a little put off by the term shine on the back as I always think my hair looks greasy rather than healthy if it's crazy shiny but this cream really helps my hair feel stronger and gives it a little more life. You can pop it on towel dried or even dry hair but personally I don't really like the texture it creates on dry hair as it clogs it up a little but definitely a new go-to styling product when I'm blow drying my hair.

Forza | Diet Multivitamins
Diet pills? No they aren't little tiny pills that you pop to shift the calories but much rather a bullet of vitamins that everybody could use a little top me up every now and again. The idea is for those dieting you miss out on foods that contain certain vitamins so these help you to maintain them but personally I'm not a huge eater so I don't really get all the vitamins I require on a daily basis. Packed with vitamins C, B, D and K with a side of Zinc to help with your bones, immune system, energy, skin hair and general well being they are a useful little pink pill. 

Korres | Aloe & Soapwort Shampoo
I wasn't wooed by the name Soapwort either, don't worry….but I actually can't even describe how good this shampoo smells. Having such long hair I'm incredibly picky about my shampoo and conditioner and try to not stray away from what works best for me but I have to say after using this, my hair felt stupidly clean and polished but not brittle and stripped. It dried up super soft and stayed healthy and fresh looking for days. I just wish the bottle size was bigger! 

CB12 | Oral Care Agent
We all know the advert, the beaut' woman rolling over to her husband in bed and him pulling a face at her morning breath…..Literally just smelling this stuff makes my eyes water slightly, it is that strong but it does the job perfectly and lasts for hours!

Inika | Organic Eye Liner
After a stint away from liner I've actually become obsessed with kohl liner on my upper lash line rather than liquid liner, it's not such a clean liner but looks more natural and worn which is kind of the look I prefer for summer. This one by Inika is super pigmented and gives a really dark black colour instantly as well as smudges into a flick if required….plus I'm yet to get panda eyes with this one.

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