Sunday, 5 July 2015

TRAVEL | Louis Vuitton Exhibition

Whilst out and about exploring Rome, we were (thankfully) ushered into a Louis Vuitton Exhibition….unfortunately the exhibition is now finished for those wanting to have a gander if they're heading to Rome this summer but I'm sure they'll bring one back, if not then they should definitely bring one to the UK. Well thought out and perfectly executed exhibitions definitely make you appreciate the brand that much more. 
After walking through the initial developments of Louis Vuitton and highlighting the importance of their trunks through incredibly clever visuals, you pass onto the fashion stage of the brand with railings of clothes for each model and a walk through the prep and processes that underlined their recent showcase at fashion week. You then move onto a mirrored room that reflected the entire show off of each other to give you the essence of being present within that moment. 
Progressing onto the creation room was by far the most interesting, they had brought over one of the creators from Paris to sit and physically make one of the tiny trunks right in front of you. I didn't expect them to be completely handmade and each one takes over a day to be completed, consisting of hundreds of pieces sculptured over an initial wooden frame. 
The exhibition utilised the contrast of light and dark spaces to enhance the collection, you'd leave a dark space that used purposefully placed lighting with a focus of attraction to a blindingly bright room where you could explore and get up close to really appreciate the garments as well as unique artefacts such as antique sales listing books from as far back as 1927.

And finally, onto the last two rooms of the exhibition
The first was a room entirely covered with magazine and editorial cut outs with a huge pile of posters for you to take in the centre but the best touch was the final room, a hallway with huge illuminated screens covered in small packs of singular stickers for you to take away of everyday items sporting the Louis Vuitton branding, with everything from matches to telephones and kettles. Everybody loves a freebie especially an exclusive even if it isn't necessarily relevant to the brand, definitely a nice touch and something interactive for everybody to pick from at the end.

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