Friday, 16 October 2015

Travel | New York I Love You....

But you're bringing me down.....
(Disclaimer: I also may or may not have taken one too many photographs)


Monday was a busy 'un & my first experience of Brooklyn. So I'm not going to go into too much detail about my Etsy meeting or the tour (I'll be popping all of that into a blog post, it deserves one of its own) but all I will say is the fact they could not have a better office location if they tried, they're based on Washington Street in DUMBO, that's the street with the most amazing view of Manhattan Bridge framing the Empire State Building - it's literally perfect. 

Before my meeting I managed to squeeze in some pancakes at a small industrial looking bar called AlMar just off of Washington Street & after I grabbed quite possibly the best coffee I have ever had in my life from One Girl Cookies
A mad dash back to the city to lose my mind in the HBO Shop, if you aren't aware of HBO it's a channel in America that is home to the likes of Game of Thrones, Sex and the City, Girls and Tru Blood - basically most of my favourite TV shows, the shop is tiny and located just around the corner from the New York Public Library but full of the best merchandise. It's literally the place to buy presents and even better for people that are bag hoarders like me.....

Monday night we went out to Terminal 5 to watch BMTH play, it's my first experience of a show not in the UK and it was absolutely mental. 
Day Five

I know I said we wouldn't be cramming but a final day cram is allowed? 

My main aim of the day was some last minute shopping and to explore The Natural History Museum, that was until we were stopped in the NBC store and offered tickets to a live monologue reading of Seth Meyers talk show for that evening.....I know, right?! Not being totally sure who Seth Meyers was we went purely out of curiosity to see inside a TV studio, just the walk to the studio was mental and annoyingly (but expected) cameras and phones weren't allowed.

Rushing out of Radio City, we jumped in a cab to the Natural History Museum and with disappointingly only half an hour to explore I've definitely had to add it to my list of things to do properly next time in I'm in NYC. 
So it turns out that being spontaneous is pretty exciting and to my surprise it keeps my anxiety at bay, everything is just too damn fast to panic about the little just a few things I found useful whilst in NYC. 

Through the app it's quick, easy and you generally get a bit of a nicer driver - something about the whole process of UBER makes me feel ten times safer than in a yellow cab too. 
Tip: Get a yellow cab from the airport to Manhattan, they have a set rate. 

Don't be OTT but plan to a certain extent, I made sure I wrote down a bunch of shops/sites I wanted to visit in specific areas, if I just so happened to be nearby I knew all the spots I wanted to call in at meaning the next morning I didn't kick myself and had to go back to the same place as the day before just for one shop making you be able to fit as much into your trip as possible.

Meals just don't work for me when I'm busy. We had a stash of food in our room and just generally stopped for snacks to keep us going in the day. New York is a pretty hectic City so a lot of the big eateries can have you queueing for quite some time so be prepared. 

The one thing you must do, I tried the Post Office card for Rome back in June but it was awful and I could barely use it anywhere....Thomson's Travel Money Card is a master card, load your money onto it, download the app and you're good to go. I monitored all of my spending, kept track of how much I had left and didn't really unsafe with wads of cash on me - my only regret is not putting more money onto it. 

Coming back to the UK exhausted, jet lagged and supplied with American sweets I'm already thinking about my next trip to the US. 

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