Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Travel | New York State Of Mind

I left my heart in New York City.....
(Disclaimer: I also may or may not have taken one too many photographs)

Spontaneous isn't usually the first word that springs to mind when describing myself but after getting a message one night from my boyfriend saying 'Flights are dirt cheap, let's go to New York' it was pretty much a whirlwind two weeks from that point to landing back in the UK after an amazing weekend getaway. The main reasons for visiting New York so last minute were to see Tom's brother perform and so that I could visit Etsy HQ.

Yes, flights seem to be crazy cheap at the moment - ours was down to £288 at one point, £288 to fly all the way to and from New York? Insane!

Manchester 11:30am > JFK 3:00pm
JFK 10:00pm > Manchester 10:00am

Having two key focuses for the weekend as well as not being either of our first times in the Big Apple, we didn't really bother cramming everything typically touristy into our trip, just a few stops. 
(Before you read how mardy I am, note the only photos from that day are that of my ticket and plane in a SUNNY England) 
I'll be honest, our first day was horrendous....genuinely I am the biggest mard arse when it comes to certain weather, I can cope and adapt to pretty much anything but when you land to a ridiculously windy and torrential rain ridden New York I don't think anybody would jump for joy. By the time we got through customs, grabbed our bags and reached our Hotel it was dark, we were tired & it was miserable outside....we ventured out to WholeFoods and returned soddened, safe to say I was wrapped up in bed and passed out by 8pm. On the plus side, our hotel (1 Hotel Central Park) was absolutely incredible, so good I'm going to write a whole post about it later this week.  
3:30am wake up? Check - Thanks jet lag!
A complete contrast to the night before on the weather front, it was dry & bright out, HALLELUJAH! 

Saturday was pretty much a day dedicated to shopping and finding our feet, after working my way through 5 floors of Forever 21 then fulfilling all of my Sephora and Disney needs we escaped a manic Times Square and headed for Soho for the afternoon, Soho is still busy but no where near as bad as Midtown, it's also full of quirky little shops. 

How to spend a Sunday in New York? Coffee, a walk through Central Park and exploring the Metropolitan of Art Museum

I've wanted to visit this museum for so long, we spent hours in there and I feel like we barely even saw 1/5 of it. The ancient Egyptian room overlooking Central Park is obviously incredible to see but stumbling across a Norman Rockwell painting & the Francis Bacon trio of self-portraits was pretty amazing having studied them for so long. I obviously finished off my Met experience sitting on the steps waiting for Blair & Serena....XOXO

Food wise, neither me or Tom are big eaters so it was much more of a pit stop for a snack type of trip rather than sit down meals. The only food I really consumed the whole weekend was junk but GREAT junk, the veggie burger from Johnny Rockets was so so so good and obviously being up and around Bloomingdales I had to stop at Sprinkles Cupcakes, I opted for red velvet & a peanut butter pretzel chip cookie which was out of this world. 

I've split my New York trip into a few posts that I'll post over the coming week....
Part Two
1 Hotel Central Park
Visiting Etsy HQ
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