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Look Fantastic | May Beauty Box

I've gotten used to the sleek white Look Fantastic box popping up on my door step every month so this burst of colour was a pleasant surprise. Tucked in the parcel as always was a copy of the latest Elle magazine and the box itself. As always the box is beautiful packaged and bursting with a bunch of products that I would have never tried myself as well as potentially the best beauty tool that I have discovered in 2016......

As always, I don't blog about every single product that you receive as that kinda ruins the surprise if you were to go ahead and order one for yourself (be quick though as I'm posting this a little later than usual and May is almost over so this box will then be gone forever).

So what do you get?
Declēor Intense Nutrition Mask
University deadlines have definitely been taking their toll on my skin so I've become quite the hoarder of face masks recently. The end goal is always the same....fresher, brighter, smoother, clearer etc. skin but you find the instant result from a face mask can differ quite a lot as you can be left with your face feeling tight and rinsed of every bit of oil or on the other hand you can feel quite greasy. This little burst of brightness just leaves you, well, feeling refreshed and definitely gives your skin a glow. It's been the perfect morning mask when I've had a little bit of extra time to potter around before applying make up for the day. 

Just want the mask? Get it here
Vichy Liftactiv Supreme
So I've only included this for the packaging and a one-time use review, I'm a sucker for anything slightly geometric so this little pot ticks all the boxes. Having only used this moisturiser once, I really liked the way my skin felt after using it and it created the most amazing base for my primer and foundation to sit upon so it was promptly placed in my beauty bag to take to America next month. 

Fancy trying just this? Get it here
Ioma Tabs
So each month, you receive what I like to call the 'wildcard' product - something a little different from the norm and something that just from looking at it you wouldn't be 100% sure what to do with it....last month were the My Protein vitamins and this month it is these Ioma Tabs, they look like super giant tablets to be swallowed but in actual fact they are a 7 Day dose of moisturiser. I'm a bit weird with things that are designed to be followed for a certain amount of days as I always have to time them with an occasion, just incase the results are amazing so I don't feel like I've wasted them. I'm currently on day 4 of 7 and I have to admit, I'm quite the skin is feeling super soft and looks a little more even in tone that it has been for weeks. At £9 a pop, I wouldn't ditch my love for face masks as a pick me up but if I had a special event approaching I think I would definitely order a pack of these and dedicate myself to them for the week prior. 

Want to give the 7 days a go? Check them out here
Eve Lom Cleanser
I'm not going to talk about this one in much depth as I've already reviewed this before as it probably is one of my favourite splurge products on the beauty market, so much so I had to even get one to send out to my friend in America! I use this cleanser 3-4 times a week at night, I always think if you overuse something you start to fall out of love with it and start seeking alternatives so sticking to once every other night is good for me. It's super intense and somewhat greasy (but in a good way) when you apply it, let it work its magic and soak into your pores and using the muslin cloth provided and some hot water you rinse away the product to be left with insanely soft and smooth skin.

Up your Cleanser game here
Lilibeth of New York's Brow Shaper
Save the best until last, right? I couldn't have been more weary but super excited about a tool if I tried! I've been growing out my brows now for quite a while but I hate those little hairs that kind of creep up your forehead and in that bit of skin between your brows and know the ones, those that you can see in your demon mirrors! (By demon mirror, I mean the stupid magnified ones that are my best friend and worst enemy). Well this little fold out blade aims to rid you of those instantly, I admit there's a bit of a nack to it that takes a bit of patience and practice and I had a few moments that I could have sheered away my brow in one quick motion but if you're super careful and steady this could be THE brow tool for you. 
I even managed to clean up the edges of my brows, rid myself of any sign of a mono and despite never really noticing it before I even swiped away the slight bit of ladytash I had going on (I think I got carried away with trying to find areas of my face to essentially shave). So you're feeling all smooth and hair free then the sudden panic sets in of 'will I get a rash', 'will it make me break out' or 'will I get some weird 5'o'clock shadow appear'.....No to all the above, I'm 9 days on and everything stayed perfect, no rash, no spots, no shadow.

It might look light a tiny weapon but it's a genius little thing. This is probably one of the best examples of how the Look Fantastic Boxes can introduce you to new things that you would have never considered yourself. 

Tame your brows, tash, any other annoying hair here
Want to try the box for yourself?
G E T  T H E  M A Y  B O X  B E L O W 

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