Tuesday, 13 September 2016

#LFBDAY Edition

L O O K  F A N T A S T I C  |  S E P T E M B E R

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Most things get better with age and with Look Fantastic's Beauty Box celebrating its second birthday this month, they seem to be looking better than ever! As always they nail the simplistic exterior of the packaging complete with a jam packed magazine talking all things beauty and a few cocktail recipes along the way. Want to know what's even more exciting? The Beauty Secret Advent Calendar makes an appearance at the back of the magazine....Christmas is coming!!!

This month seems to have a theme of party, or at least to prep and prime you ready for party season with a mini lipstick, the best eye pads that I have ever tried and a multipurpose luminizer stick from Lord and Berry. Here are just a few of my favourites from the #LFBDAY box....

G A T I N E A U  |  E Y E  P A D S
My biggest beauty insecurity is under my eyes, I'm a terrible morning person and my eyes tend to show that off so I've tried and tested my fair share of eye pads over the years. My go to have been Sephora's own brand, so much so that I've introduced pretty much all of my friends to them (the sheet face masks too) and I stock up whenever I'm away. This being said, having become a giant fan of Gatineau thanks to their micellar water I had high expectations from these pads, not to mention the hefty price tag of £36 for 6 treatments!! Safe to say, if you're in need of a pick me up underneath your eyes maybe for a special occasion then these are a perfect purchase, they made me look fresher and kind of 'plumped' up my eye area hiding every sign of my late bed time the night before. 

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L O R D & B E R R Y  |  L U M I N I Z E R  S T I C K 
Highlighting has become just as as big as the brows trend over the last year or so, therefore anything a little shimmery and my eyes light up. This little stick from Lord & Berry (another amazing brand that I am only aware of because of these beauty boxes) is a strobing pencil in a shade of rose gold. Being a thin pencil I've found that rather than drawing straight onto your skin and blending, it is best to draw on the back of your hand and use your finger to dab the product from there onto your face, this way you don't end up with any lines or harsher areas of luminosity especially under your brows or along the tops of your cheek bones. On the other hand, being a pencil makes it a perfect tool for popping a little glow into the inner corners of the eyes with precision. 
B A R E M I N E R A L S  |  M I N I  L I P S T I C K
Who's a sucker for everything in miniature form? I AM! When holiday time rolls around and you're in Boots (and all other beauty stores, obv.) facing that wall of travel sized products, I'm like a contestant on supermarket sweep clearing them shelves like there is no tomorrow! Not only with my miniature obsession but also my newly found love for BareMinerals after Look Fantastic kindly introduced me to them on a video shoot, I was super excited when I spotted the mini moxie box. A teeny tiny, perfectly sized for your handbag, clutch bag, pocket, even bra....this lipstick is the most spot on size that a lipstick could be to take out with you to a party. Oh, and even better...this lipstick lasts beyond measure whilst keeping your lips super hydrated and conditioned throughout the day/evening.
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