Friday, 16 September 2016

Own It 001. | Unsociable Hours

Running a small creative business can be exciting, stressful and downright terrifying so sometimes a little pat on the back saying 'you're doing great' can be just the boost that you needed. On the other hand, hearing about the makeshifts and mishaps that fellow designers are going through can also make you feel somewhat better about your own issues that you're facing and that realistically you're not in this alone. Introducing OWN IT, a new series that intends to provide tips, tricks and simply moments that say 'yup, that's what happens to you when running a small business.'

Having searched for advice myself from fellow indie designers over the years I have come to learn that so many advise you to set specific work hours during the day that you should stick by in an attempt to not drive yourself crazy and become the non existent friend or relative, it's easily done!

Hate to say it but they're right (kind of) and you should definitely make time for yourself BUT you're a creative person, right? I'm yet to meet a creative person that works a perfect 9-5 productively, we're all different and I know for me personally I'm a machine after 7pm, I seem to go into a panic mode of working and everything I create is far more successful but it means that.....
1. I sacrifice that wild Wednesday night date with Mel & Sue and The Bake Off.
2. I struggle to settle for bed when my head becomes an absolute whirlwind of ideas so the next thing I know it is 3am and despite being surrounded by perfectly made new packaging, I am way past my bed time.

So how are you expected to find a happy medium in all of this? You're not so quit panicking and just take regular breaks. If you want to go shopping then go shopping and more than anything, just make time to simply be outside, it's weird how a bit of fresh air can help you creatively.....I'm basically saying that you have to get a dog like Darwin because then you HAVE to go outside and who doesn't want a puppy? All jokes aside, it is easy to fall into the unsociable trap of keeping a small business ticking over and before you know it you'll be in a sorry state hating your once labour of love so it is simple, make time & own it.

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