Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Travel | 1 Hotel Central Park, NY

"We operate from a very simple premise: nature is
beautiful, and we want to keep it that way."
- 1 Hotels

Standing out amongst the concrete jungle that is New York City, 1 Central Park is bringing the outdoors in whilst creating a completely calm and eco friendly environment that simply feels good to be in, so much so that you will kind of look forward to getting back to your hotel at night. Situated on 6th Avenue and just a block off of Central Park its prime location means that you can easily forget public transport and make the most of the city by exploring on foot. 

The vibe that 1 Hotel oozes is warm and welcoming from its light flooding giant industrial windows, recycled wooden doors to its soft furnishings running throughout the reception and what about the staff? Well they're probably some of the few people that you'll meet in New York that actual look like they're genuinely having a good day at work. 

I am completely swept off of my feet by elements of design that are so carefully considered and contribute to the overall feel of a structure or environment so stepping into the bedroom was a breath of fresh air and downright exciting for a hotel room. Modern nature seems to be the running theme of the hotel as they combine natural woods, hanging plants and organic cottons with industrial piping whilst introducing technological features that just make your day that bit more easier as everything within the room is controlled through a handy smartphone. 
So the bathroom....personally a favourite feature and one that I've definitely logged down for the plans of my future *dream* home although it could admittedly make for an awkward encounter if you're on a work trip with a colleague. The bathroom is essentially in its own green house that can be separated off from the rest of the bedroom with a curtain, or not separated...depends what mood you're in. You're also provided with one of THE best dressing gowns that I have ever worn in my entire life, a giant hooded super soft robe along with a bunch of cleverly packaged toiletries for you to pick over....the shower cap apparently can double up as a camera cover, toiletry holder, bicycle seat shield or a snack bowl, the possibilities are kind of endless in the hotel.
So here's a heads up if you're thinking about going to the big apple, 1 Hotel have just opened up a second hotel just over the water in Brooklyn and it looks pretty damn spectacular with some of the best views possible of Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge. 

It goes without saying, I'll be back 1 Hotel & New York. 
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