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Bobbi Brown | #SeePerfectSkin

B O B B I  B R O W N

I've only ever owned one product from Bobbi Brown and it was the duo concealer compact, admittedly I'm surprised that I've never opted to try out their foundations (or any other product) because I absolutely loved their concealer. Having recently launched their new Skin Foundation Cushion Compact, I was given the opportunity to test it out alongside two of their existing foundations, putting them to test on everything that you would want from a decent foundation from coverage to the all important lasting power. After using them all on rotation over the last few weeks I've become obsessed with all three but for totally different reasons.

S K I N  F O U N D A T I O N  S T I C K 
Shade Beige 3
First up is the foundation stick....I already have an established love/hate relationship with these....they're super handy but the few that I've used in the past have left me looking like a greaseball within a matter of hours. (I don't know if it is something to do with what makes them into a solid stick?! I've never looked into it). Anyways, the stick foundation offers a medium but build able coverage and it definitely gives a dewy finish. I opted for a brush application rather than drawing straight onto my face and it blended out evenly especially after I had moisturised well before hand. At £31 a stick, I can't say that I would like it if it was my ONLY option on a daily basis but I think it's a great product to keep in your make up bag especially if you're heading straight out after work and want a little extra coverage. It's a good 'on the go' foundation. 
S K I N  F O U N D A T I O N  S P F  1 5
Shade Beige 3
This one looks very much like the typical liquid foundation with regards to its jar feat. black lid with a pump kinda thing. My first attempt testing this was disastrous, I pumped it a few times to get the product flowing and sprayed it all over my brand new jumpsuit, thanks to me not expecting it to be quite as watery as it is. At first I wasn't sold by its consistency but now this has actually turned into my staple foundation, the looseness of the foundation makes blending and application stupidly easy whilst the coverage is like no other liquid foundation that I've ever tried. I get a totally flawless face and after a little setting powder I am done for the day, it just doesn't seem to budge. I figured that this would be too good to be true and expected a break out a few days later (as my last favourite foundation that gave me this amount of coverage would leave me with horrid skin within less than a week, dammit) BUT my skin is still playing nicely. Bonus, there's SPF 15 in here so that is going to be a god send for holidays and maybe that odd bit of sunshine that we get in the UK throughout the year. In my opinion it is well worth the price tag and they have a huge colour palette of shades in this foundation too. 
S K I N  F O U N D A T I O N  C U S H I O N  C O M P A C T
Shade Light
Yes, yes, yes and YES. Meet the dreamiest foundation ever, so much so that I've only been wearing it on 'special occasions' (by special occasions, I mean when I'm wanting to impress). I had been warned about this foundation not providing as much coverage as the first two and that the intention was rather to enhance your skin whilst giving it a natural finish so I can't say that I was overly excited about trying it as I'm much more of a high coverage kind of girl. When you first pop open the compact you have an application sponge and once you lift the second lid to reveal the product, it actually comes within a sealed pot (the only way to describe this would be like the ketchup tubs with the peel back plastic lids....fancy, I know). 

At first it is a completely clean white sponge with a hole right in the middle, a few dabs later and the foundation starts to push through the centre and begins to soak into the surrounding sponge. I only had to press my beauty blender into the fluid maybe three or four times to apply a full, even coat all over my face. The foundation blends instantly and gives a dewy finish that offers a reasonable amount of coverage. The only way that I can truly describe the finish is that it is my skin...but better. I definitely don't look 'cakey' but I also don't look like I've not even bothered either, it is a happy medium and a perfect foundation for those days that you want your skin to do all of the talking. It is super light on the skin and is an absolute gem for holidays as it contains SPF 35, this is going to be my staple whilst I'm in America at the end of the month for sure...the only downside is that I genuinely don't have a clue how long this pot will last as I can't physically see any of the foundation underneath the sponge.

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