Saturday, 2 September 2017

Chatsworth | Country Fair

Chatsworth Estate
1 -  3 September 2017

It’s that time of the year when Chatsworth hosts their popular Country Fair all across the grounds and parkland of the estate - it’s a gigantic event that runs right through this weekend and is definitely worth setting aside a full day to truly make the most of it or at least trying to squeeze in a few hours tomorrow or Sunday. It does an amazing job of catering for the whole family with fairground rides, culinary masterclasses, motorcycles jumping through fire and endless shopping opportunities and that’s just to name a few of the activities you’ll find throughout the fair. This year sees the house celebrating its 35th Country Fair and having visited a few times over the years with friends I headed over for their opening this morning with my Mum, Sister and nephews for what we thought would be a lovely stroll for an hour or so but time seemingly disappeared and it actually turned out to be a full day out for us all.....time flies when you're having fun and all that.
Let’s quickly touch on the shopping, there’s such a huge variety of both independents and big brands selling side by side, Joules are always a stand out tent bursting with every striped garment that you can dream of. Range Rover had me drooling over their cars and Belvoir serving us up their amazing drinks. Chatsworth of course bring along their own farm shop and giftware in big tents so be prepared to be parting with your cash, talking of cash - take some cash with you to avoid the £2.50 ATM charges within the event or I did spy some Izettle machines along the way accepting card payments. 
So the most important thing in my books, food....Being vegetarian I sometimes struggle at festivals or events for food choices and often have to opt for fries (or cotton candy, popcorn, doughnuts, cake, ice cream....the good stuff) but when we first walked in I spotted a full vegetarian burger van that served up a whole range of veggie burgers and really good coffee. As a midday pick me up whilst Casper was losing his mind on a car ride, I had the tastiest frozen yoghurt that was blended with mango and raspberry and from the big tent right in front of the house I grabbed a bag of cinnamon roasted cashews that I'm currently munching away on. All in all, it's a great event for the foodie lovers out there.

It is safe to say that our little Casper has had one of the best days of his life thanks to riding nearly all the rides, losing his hook-a-duck virginity, stuffing his face with marshmallows and frozen yoghurt and falling in love with a guinea pig called Victoria in the farmyard tent. Personally, I managed to see Paul Hollywood (and his incredible tan) so my day was made within the first 20 minutes of arriving but more importantly by the end of the day I had become a Friend of Chatsworth, anybody that knows me will know how excited I am about this. Becoming a Gold member of Chatsworth is something that I’ve wanted to be for quite some time, it is definitely no secret as to how much I love the place, it never loses its novelty and I find something new and magical with every visit. It goes without saying that over the course of the next 12 months i will be there every chance that I get with the membership allowing me access to practically everything the estate has to offer including discount in their farm shop as well as free parking Also, having only just discovered that Darwin is allowed INSIDE the gardens is a total game changer and I think that will become our new favourite spot for coffee and morning walks.

See you (very) soon Chatsworth with my fancy gold card.

ps. Here's a little bit of Paul Hollywood & his delightful tan for the sake of it.

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