Friday, 17 November 2017

Grow Gorgeous | #HairInTheClouds

@ Duck & Dry, Oxford Circus
9th November 2017

Having flowing long hair isn't all fun and games, it may look nice from time to time but you find yourself battling your own locks when faced with the tiniest gust of wind, you get through hair products like there's no tomorrow and suffering with severe arm-ache every time you attempt to style it is a regular thing. Finding products that smell amazing and leave you with a glossy mane is also quite a mission with long hair as unfortunately a hell of a lot of products end up weighing my hair down even more or simply refuse to wash out easily resulting sometimes in residue being left behind making it feel unwashed and kinda' gross.

Fear not because for you long hair or dreaming of long hair babes, I give you....Grow Gorgeous!

With thanks to the delights behind Look Fantastic, I had actually heard of Grow Gorgeous a little while ago and have been using their Hair Growth Serum for the majority of 2017 with amazing results so I was pretty damn excited when I was invited along to their launch of the #HairInTheClouds campaign. Last Thursday I headed down to the Duck & Dry salon tucked just behind Oxford Street for a bit of pampering whilst I filmed a few segments for GG. Having met the lovely team behind the brand and bagged myself an amazing blow dry, I was back on my way up North...unfortunately missing the party that had bloody cloud shaped macaroons but I did have a few treats to soften the blow!! I'll give you an update in a month or so on my fave' products of the bunch that I'm testing out but right now I'm kind of obsessing over the Full Bodied Volumising Shampoo + Leave-In Conditioner. The idea of leaving a conditioner in my hair has always been a little off putting but right now I can't begin to rave about it enough and my hair has definitely seen an improvement already with it feeling fresh and clean for longer whilst holding styles throughout the day. Definitely a brand to keep an eye out for especially if you're out and about doing some shopping in Boots!

ps. There was a bloody cloud swing!
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