Here we are.



The beginning of 2018 didn't get me scribbling down any snazzy resolutions, ambitious dreams or get-fit-or-die-trying goals....In fact, I didn't want or need anything (except a holiday, but let's face it when do we ever not want a holiday?). It wasn't until I was a guest speaker at my first workshop literally just yesterday that inspired me beyond measure and made me realise just what I wanted for the future of D+G so here we are, Darwin & Gray's very own independent website. It's been a stressful 24 hours but somehow I've managed to create this little corner of the internet that I can now call home.

It feels good to have a base camp, somewhere to share what I'm currently working on, what events are fast approaching and the introduction of my Bespoke service. My intentions for are for it to be an extension of my Instagram and a place to really bring together everything that truly goes on behind the scenes.

I hope you like what I've done with the place.

Talk soon,

Stacey x