The Be Anything Seed Paper Print

The Be Anything Seed Paper Print

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Our ever popular 'Be Anything' poem continues to resonate with so many!

This limited edition print is created using recycled paper that's been handmade and embedded with a mix of wildflowers seeds making each print completely unique from one to the next. It is a creative alternative to usual paper stock and looks beautiful especially when framed to embrace its texture and finish.


This paper is a recycled, seeded paper. This cotton paper is acid-free and chemical-free.

Size  |  A4  //  8.25 x 11.7"  //  21x30 cm

Size  |  A5  //  8.25 x 5.25"  //  21 x 15cm 


Digitally printed on 250gsm

Please Note: The colour of the paper may differ slightly to the photograph and the seed texture and pieces are visibly different with every print but that's part of their charm.