The Best Step Dad on The Planet Mug

The Best Step Dad on The Planet Mug

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Height 10cm | Overall Width 13cm | Diameter 8.5cm

The Darwin & Gray Design is fired professionally onto the glass surface.

Care Advice: Whilst the design is completely sealed onto the surface we still best advise that you avoid microwaves and dishwashers to maintain the glossy finish of the piece.

Glass is safe to use with warm and cold beverages.

As with any glassware to be used with varying temperatures we advise that you do not put hot items in cool or cold glass and do not pour straight from a boiled kettle into the glass. If you have just rinsed your glass in cold water or it has been in a cold location, pouring hot tea, coffee or placing other heated items into it can cause it to crack. Let the glass heat up slowly at room temperature before placing a hot item in it