The Personalised Name Starry Glass Mug

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 Let's get personal!

Please read everything below prior to purchasing.

The turnaround time on production is four working weeks



What can I personalise my mug with?

  • Your name(s) or your business name.
  • Wedding names such as  'Mr Darwin' and 'Mrs Darwin' 
  • A short phrase (up to 5 words) 

Add your personalisation....

  • When purchasing you MUST add a note to your order at the checkout that includes the name that you would like on your mug.
  • Please double check your spelling as orders are final and cannot be altered.

If you're unsure whether your name request will fit or have any questions please contact us directly at

Can I choose a different font?

There's only one style available as the names are all written in Stacey’s signature handwriting and completed with our starry design.

  • Mock ups of the design will NOT be provided prior to making.
  • All designs are printed using white ink on the glass mug before being professionally fired.
  • Please note that Shorter names will be larger on the mug face whereas Longer names will naturally have to be smaller in height to accommodate the extra letters in the width. See examples in the photos for how different length names alter the size. 

Can I put a name on both sides?

Only one side is able to be personalised. The opposite side features a small Darwin & Gray logo at the base line.

What is the turnaround time?

The turnaround is then approximately FOUR WEEKS from the closing of our order books.



Height 10cm | Overall Width 13cm | Diameter 8.5cm | Holds 300ml

Glass is safe to use with warm and cold beverages.

Whilst the design is completely fired and sealed onto the surface we still best advise that you avoid microwaves and dishwashers to maintain the glossy finish of the piece.