The Word of the Year 2023 Banner

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If you've ordered from us, firstly thank you but just an update that All WOTY Banners ordered will be made and dispatched by the end of January. 

For the last few years I’ve ditched the 101 resolutions in favour of simply one word to carry with me throughout the next 12 months and turns out, it's bloody great! These banners are painted with your chosen word as a daily reminder!

For 2023, I'm going into the new year fully aware that I've not got the easiest year ahead (and that's without any surprises) and so my WOTY is 'Equanimity' to remind me to stay calm and composed even when times feel a little tough. 

I truly believe that having a focal point, a simplified anchor to use as something to help us get our shit together (in the nicest way possible) when we find ourselves feeling a little overwhelmed can be invaluable. Choosing a word of the year is a super easy way of establishing your own anchor to take forward into the year ahead.

Please Note: When you add this banner to your basket, you will need to add YOUR chosen word to the notes on your order please! Only one word is allowed per banner. Please triple check your spelling as we are not responsible for misspellings.


We cut, sew & iron all of our calico banners before hanging them from a piece of hand cut pine dowel & faux suede cord. The '2023' is screen printed and then your word is then painted entirely by hand so please allow for slight imperfections.

The slide through of photos attached are of some previous banners we've created.

The Word of The Year Banner  |  approx. 15cm x 23cm

Please Note: The length of the banner will differ depending on the length of your chosen word. We’ve done this so that your word isn’t either elongated or squished to fit the banner.

Take Care

Hand washing is advised only. 

Whilst we cure your designs to prevent fading or bleeding, the natural fabric doesn’t appreciate being washed and creases can hold their form easily so do take care.

If minor creasing occurs, simply flip your banner over and iron on the reverse of your banner.

Made from: Natural woven un-dyed cotton fibres, wooden dowel, faux suede cording.