So you've got a big event, a birthday, a wedding....maybe there's that one little space in your home that you just can't simply find anything that will fit it perfectly.

Introducing B E S P O K E - Our banners but with your words.

The nature of all of our products is that they are made completely by hand from sewing the fabric, right through to the drilling of the dowel and most importantly...the designs are totally painted by hand. This being said 2018 sees the introduction of an Order Book in a bid to maintain a high standard and truly deliver the best that we have to offer to all of our clients. Please see below for available months.

O R D E R  B O O K S

May 2018 - Fully Booked

June 2018 - Closed

July 2018 - Open

August 2018 - Open



L E T ' S  G E T  P E R S O N A L



Make a statement with our hand painted longline 5ft banners.



For those that can never find just exactly what they are looking for.


bigger the better

When you're wanting to create an impact on a larger than life scale. 


H O W  T O  O R D E R


Step one.

Get in touch. 

Please email us and include as much detail as possible such as size, shape + font style as well as any quotes or phrases that you would love to include.

Also be sure to include a deadline date if the Bespoke order is for a special event.

ps. Feel free to bring out your inner Picasso + sketch out a few ideas.



step two.

I'll get back to you as soon as I can to discuss and refine your idea.

Once we're both on the right path, I'll then create a series of digital mock ups of your banner so you can pull together your favourite elements into one finalised concept. 


step three.

Now for the fun part - I get to start making your piece!

Once finished the banner is then either posted out, collected or personally delivered to you depending on what is discussed. It's now time to get hanging your banner, maybe dress it up with some Greenery or simply let it make a statement on its own. 

If you capture any photos, be sure to tag us @darwinandgray...it's always amazing to see our Banners in action.


D A R W I N A N D G R A Y @ G M A I L . C O M