The Santa, Drink Up Mini

The Santa, Drink Up Mini


Milk, Cookies, Carrot? Check

Santa, Drink Up!!

Where to hang a mini? We think our Banners are perfect mini reminders to spot throughout the day so pop on a door handle or pin on your memo board. Hang one on your gallery wall or maybe your bedside table. They're a great little add on gift so why not replace your gift tags or for those people you buy alcohol…throw one around a the bottle neck.

Screen Printed: Dark Red Ink

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We cut, sew & iron all of our calico banners before adding a piece of hidden structural wood and faux suede cord. The design is then printed by hand so please allow for slight imperfections.

P L E A S E  N O T E

All of our products here at Darwin & Gray are carefully made by hand and to order so please allow 3-9 working days for your items to be made & dispatched (we do try to work to the shorter end of this scale!)

Warning: Washing is not advisable. 
Measuring approx. 11.5cm X 10.5cm