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How to Prepare, Style and Capture your brand to go to market.

September 12 | 2019

9:45am - 12:45pm

Ticket Price: £50 per person (Booking fee not included)

Haarlem Mill, Derby Road, Wirksworth, DE4 4BG

(More information on the venue is located at the bottom of this page)

Whether you’re an established business, a start up ready to launch or a side hustler, going to market can be an amazing opportunity to really get your brand noticed but taking that step can be incredibly daunting and then once you’re accepted at an upcoming show, preparing not only your brand but also what is to be expected of yourself as a trader is an overwhelming but incredibly exciting minefield.

‘Going to market was single handedly the reason I was able to take my business full time in October 2018. With 6 years of Visual Merchandising on the high street under my belt and a Masters Degree in Design, when it came to VM’ing Darwin & Gray, I knew that I had to create an immersive experience and a visual impact for the consumer to instantly attract their attention. Being thrifty, inventive and forward thinking whilst remaining efficient and cost effective is all a part of the fun. I pride myself on being a DIY enthusiast and for me, I’ve learnt a hell of a lot through trial and error so I figured it was time that I shared what i’ve learnt and save you the hassle.

So let’s talk tips and tricks, doing it for yourself, suppliers, thinking outside the box whilst remaining practical and keeping on brand!’

- Stacey, Darwin & Gray

I’ve brought on board two wonderfully inspiring ladies to help me essentially help you thrive when it comes to preparing and showcasing your own brand. Together we’ll be covering everything from pinpointing the right market to creating that standout application to get you noticed and increase your chance of being accepted. You’ve got the amazing product so now it’s onto really showing it off to your consumer, we’ll be discussing the key elements and what to consider when it comes to designing, constructing, styling and merchandising your display to create a shoppable and visually pleasing stand that doesn’t have to break the bank but ultimately attracts an audience. Capturing your brand before, during and after market is also an amazing way to encourage sales, being accepted at future shows and naturally produces amazing visual social content to really help promote your brand further.

Now I won’t say much more as I don’t want to spoil it too much but I’ll finish with….You can definitely create the right look and feel for your business to truly thrive and have a successful show: sometimes it just takes a little know-how and that’s what we’re on hand for.

So let's go…..To Market!

Thank you,


Creative & Founder of Darwin & Gray

Stacey Gray MacDonald

@darwinandgray & @gray.studio

Event Curator & Creative Business Coach

Deb Kendall



Lifestyle & Brand Photography Stylist

Lauren Barber




Refreshments will also be provided on the day.


The ‘To Market’ Workshop will be taking place in the absolutely gorgeous industrial Haarlem Mill located in the equally beautiful village of Wirksworth.

Address: Haarlem Mill, Derby Road, Wirksworth, DE4 4BG

Plenty of parking is available on site.