It's the little things.

It's no big industry secret but I feel like I've always been hyper aware of the way in which you present your products is key whether that's the photography, how you merchandise your pieces at market or the packaging that you send your parcels out in. Establishing a brand identity that becomes recognisable as your style and the level of quality that you produce can be really useful in helping you to stand out from the crowd and encourage repeat business in the future.

But, like with anything these days, everything comes at a cost and so slowly but surely I've been introducing more branding where I can and as I can. Just those little touches that add to the bigger picture.

When I first launched my desk pads I didn't really have any idea of how to package them in a way that worked for both e-commerce and being retail ready for my stockists. I just knew that they needed some kind of biodegradable sleeve to protect the paper pages from any marks. 

For posting direct to consumer, the simple sleeve was perfect. When ordering online, my customers knew what they were purchasing from the listing and received exactly what they expected. However, retail was a different ball game. The packaging didn't tell the customer anything about the product meaning that the lack of information didn't always draw people in never mind resulting in a sale so I knew I needed to change it up a little.

Stickers are a quick and easy way to transform your packaging. When StickerMarket reached out, I took the opportunity to create a rectangular sticker that could act as a wraparound to go on the left hand side of the desk pad. Something on brand using our colour palette and font with just the right amount of information to let the customer know what they were looking at. 

I went for 35mm x 60mm paper stickers with a matte finish. This gave just enough give to allow a wrap around effect without too much over hang. The process of production was super simple. I'd personally designed the sticker myself on photoshop but the team at StickerMarket sent me over a preproduction mock up to approve and once I was happy When they arrived, I loved how the stickers were individually cut making them easier to store as well as the actual stickers themselves feeling super luxurious and thick. I tested the stickers on my glass mugs as a future branding option and they peeled off perfectly, leaving no residue behind. 

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