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One of my favourite parts of Darwin & Gray is working on custom and bespoke pieces for clients. Whether you’re looking for something personal as part of a birthday gift, maybe you’re after a big wedding showstopper or possibly a baby name reveal banner, our custom banners are a blank canvas to work with.All of our banners here at Darwin & Gray are made by us from start to finish, however the rather special element about our custom pieces is that they’re still painted entirely by hand….by me, Stacey. Banner painting is how this whole adventure began so I absolutely love that I still get to sit down (with a cup or tea….or wine) and simply paint.When it comes to bespoke banners, our prices vary from one client to the next depending on the size, shape, design and finishing touches required. Please note: There are only a limited number of custom slots available each month.

Each banner is cut, sewn and hemmed before painting and so we can make them practically to any size. Our most popular in-house sizes are The Classic, The Longline and The Showstopper.


approx. 20cm x 25cm


approx. 55cm x 155cm


approx. 7ft wide


Bookings are only accepted January through to September and are taken in advance so please book early to avoid any disappointment.Please check out our portfolio for examples of previous banners.Get in touch below or email us directly at

Please note, sending a request does not guarantee that we will have a slot available to book your custom banner. Please try to include your preferred size, any deadlines and your design ideas in your request.

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A little something


We’re not just limited to fabric banners featuring illustrative and typographical elements. Do you have an idea? Or maybe you know exactly what you want to say but you’re just not sure how you would like to present it? Let’s work together to create something!