Darwin & Gray

founded in 2012

We are a paper + textile design based brand in Derbyshire, England.

So who are we? Darwin the Cocker Spaniel is the team mascot, the mood raiser and the unpaid model and who's Gray? Well, that's me, Stacey and I pretty much cover every other job that is needed to keep Darwin & Gray ticking.

Initially created off of the back of a Pinterest fail, a few metres of fabric and a little simplistic creativity, Darwin & Gray has grown in ways we could have only ever imagined. Having started out with just a handful of small initial cushions on eBay back in 2012, it’s a little bit mental to see how far we’ve come.

So whether this is your first time at Darwin & Gray or you’ve been around here before, thank you for stopping by and supporting us, it's been quite the adventure so far.




All the love,

Stacey & Darwin

C R E A T E . S L E E P . R E P E A T