To Market // 12th September 2019

Have you ever done something that makes you feel so proud that you could burst?! The To Market Workshop was up there as one of those key moments for me. 
Having worked as a visual merchandiser for years on the high street for both the fashion and cosmetics industry, I've learnt a thing or two about the general concepts and visual tools to elevate products to encourage consumer interactions and engagement. 
Running a small business is no different, if anything we need to work harder to be seen. We need to establish our own identity and one that then can translate both on and offline especially if we're going to market or trade events. 
Like can come at a cost but with a little can do attitude, some nifty DIY tips and a dash of simplistic creativity I truly believe that so many of us really make an impact to the way we present our brands without breaking the bank and that's why I wanted to present a 'To Market' Workshop that focused on really getting what we want from an event or market environment. 
I showcased and discussed tips and tricks as well as each attendee receiving a bespoke pack that contained businesses that kindly provided discounts and informative leaflets to help create marketing and merchandising materials. 
I also welcomed Lauren Barber to discuss Photography and Styling as well as Deb from Fabulous Places to discuss what she looks for as an event organiser in her traders. 

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