The Pet Nose Impression Kit

The Pet Nose Impression Kit

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Pre Order // This first batch of Impression kits specifically created for our waiting list will begin dispatching from the 29th July.

Capture your pet & their unique nose print to cherish forever.

This two step kit provides you with the materials to both produce an impression mould of your pets nose as well as the casting medium to create your own everlasting 3D piece.

We wanted Darwin's legacy to continue forward in a way that would help future generations of dogs and so, in memory of our dear Darwin, we will be donating £5 from each kit to support both Battersea & The Blue Cross and all the amazing work they do!

Also, with thanks to a customer of ours for sharing this with us really lovely idea, there is now the option if you wish to buy us a coffee as a thank you simply visit               


Just a word from Stacey....

'Being able to capture Darwin in this way has allowed me to hold on to what feels like a physical piece of him. It was a last minute idea after he'd passed away & at the time I didn't have a clue of the level of detail that I'd manage to achieve but I can amazingly see the tiny hairs above his nose and even his little scar. When I look at it, it really is our Darwin! It's a really special piece that I'll forever keep close.'

Our non profit kits are pretty simple with only two key stages which only take a few moments to complete before allowing them each to dry and set. You will only need to hold the moulding material on your pet's nose for a few seconds - this will NOT harm your pet but we do advise doing it at a time that your dog is at their calmest to avoid them trying to have a sneaky nibble & feeling any kind of distress.

You will have enough material in the kit to make two moulds to give yourself more than one chance at getting a cast that you're happy with. 

We definitely recommend buying one kit per pet. 

Wooden Frame is not included.